Working with Clay is my Zen

When I’m in the studio, hours can pass by and it wouldn’t seem more than twenty minutes. Each piece is a constant work of love until it goes through its last firing. I sometimes find it hard to let my pieces go since so much thought, sweat, and time goes into each form.

My affection for ceramics started when I was in high school when I enrolled in a ceramics class. It soon became a dream of mine to operate a little art studio one day. So here I am, ten years later, welcoming you to view my pieces online (and hopefully soon in-store) and feel completely blessed. Thank you to all my friends and family who have supported my work and encouraged me to get here.

I live in California’s Central Valley, namely Modesto, where produce is plentiful and flowers bloom year around. I love making pieces that enhance the beauty of the subject such as bowls for fruits and vegetables or vases to hold the flowers from my garden. All of the pieces on this site are all original works by me with no use of molds or store-bought greenware. If you have any questions, inquires, or would like to further discuss my work, please send me a note. Thanks for stopping by!